Technical Sales Consaltant (Asia Customer Online Engagement HUB)
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ダッソー・システムズ ITコンサルタント 450万 以上


Imagine New Horizons… We are looking to build a new team based in Malaysia (Asia Customer Online Engagement HUB). We are open to hiring the individual in local home country first and relocate to Malaysia eventually. You will be one of the pioneer team members to build the culture and great place to work. [ If you are an early adopter of technology or concept with the passion to learn, let’s open new horizons together with the power of 3DEXPERIENCE virtual universes! Join the Dassault Systemes (3DS) family. Shape your career with 3DS! #WeAre3DS What will your role be? The Industry Process Consultant's mission is to reveal and demonstrate to customers how to maximize the value of the Industry Process portfolio by applying the Value Engagement framework. Through IFWE Loop, he/she drives customers to address their business transformation by re-engineering their processes, leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE platform Industry Processes. The Industry Process Consultant masters 3DEXPERIENCE platform usage and value through Industry Processes. He/she understands how the products fulfill the business needs. The Industry Process Consultant contributes to increasing the deal size, accelerate deal signature and secures successful go-live. • Able to articulate the overall 3DEXPERIENCE platform value • To contributes to the execution of the Value Engagement activities and deliverables, according to the different phases, with a specific focus on gate reviews • Articulate value, based on identified KPIs and KVIs, using storylines based on the Customer Value Model and adapting them to the audience, whether it is a User, a Process Owner or a Business Owner • The Industry Process Consultant: o Closely collaborates with the DS internal ecosystem o Maintains best in class level of expertise o Capitalizes on-field activities o Provides feedback loop from customer use cases o Supports the Solution enablement of their Partners and Sales Ecosystem. o Maximizes the usage of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform for interaction with the customer and DS ecosystem The challenges ahead • You will be challenged with articulating and proving the value of 3DXEXPERIENCE Platform to our partners/clients to support the revenue sales plan


「もし私たちが適切に問い続けるなら、世界を変えることもできる」。 マレーシアを拠点とする新しいチーム(Asia Customer Online Engagement HUB)の構築を計画しています。 まずは日本で採用を行い、最終的にはマレーシアへ転居いただくこととなります。 カルチャーと素晴らしい職場を築くための開拓メンバーの1人になっていただきます。 テクノロジーやコンセプトを早期に情熱を持って受け入られる方であれば、3DEXPERIENCE virtual universesの力とともに新しい視野を広げてみませんか。 是非Dassault Systemes(3DS)ファミリーの一員として一歩踏み出しましょう。


Your key success factors • Japanese and English language skills is mandatory • Degree in Engineering or similar experience. Strong industrial engineering background • Ability to demonstrate the product in an efficient, professional way • Masters 3DEXPERIENCE Platform usage and value thru Industry Solution and Industry Processes • Customer orientation and technical acumen • Define technical requirements • Demonstrate functionality of software products • Interpret technical requirements from customers to match our solutions • Passion to keep up to date on product knowledge • Maximize sales revenues through upselling • Effective Communication • Experience with Customer Value Modelling (CVM) is an advantage • Active collaboration • Active learning • Decision Making • Effective communication





年収 450万 以上
ポジション Asia Customer Online Engagement HUB
勤務地 東京都